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Lawn Care in South Florida

When it comes to providing a landscape you can be satisfied with, we deliver on our promises. If you aren’t thoroughly satisfied with any service we provide, we offer free re-treatments or a money-back guarantee. No matter the situation, you can trust that we’ll always make it right regarding your yard. 

Our Lawn Care in South Florida include services such as: 

  • Lawn Fertilization 
  • Insect Control
  • Weed Control
  • Grub Control
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Lawn Restorations
  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • And More!

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The Landscape Health Solutions Difference

There are plenty of reasons why professional lawn care might be just the thing for you. It could be that you lack the time to care for your yard, or you don't know where to start to achieve the curb appeal your home deserves. Regardless of your reasons, our technicians will give you the lawn care in South Florida that you’ve been looking for!

When you partner with Landscape Health Solutions, you can expect:

  • An initial consultation with one of our highly trained technicians.
  • To share your vision of your yard with us so we know the target we’re aiming for.
  • A full inspection of your landscape that gives us a rich understanding of your specific property.
  • A fully customized lawn care plan based on your vision and your turf’s needs.
  • A written estimate so you know just what to expect.
  • Fertilizing to feed your soil and grass the nutrients they need.
  • Pre- and post-emergent weed control for uniform green grass.
  • Monthly service visits to make sure your yard is properly being cared for. 
  • 24-hour phone lines so you’re never hung out to dry when you need something from us.
  • A healthier, more appealing yard!

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Proactive Lawn Care for the Best Results

Here at Landscape Health Solutions, we don’t just spray chemicals on your turf and hope for the best. We meticulously target and time our treatments—from fertilization to weed control—to have maximum benefit for your turf. It's not easy to find a lawn care company that will treat a variety of turf species like Empire Zoysia, but here at Landscape Health Solutions, we treat this type of specialty grass and many others! We put our decades of experience to work so we are ahead of the curve, solving your difficult yard problems so you can enjoy a lush, vibrant yard year-round. 

Lawn Fertilization

You can bet that every lovely yard you see in South Florida is on a fertilization schedule. This is key to lush, healthy, and beautiful grass, providing key nutrients turf needs to thrive. Of the thousands of fertilizing products on the market, we’ve found the select few that best nourish grass in our climate and with our soil, maximizing results.

Our lawn fertilization in South Florida includes services such as:

  • Season-specific fertilizers.
  • Residential fertilization.
  • Commercial fertilization.
  • Public facility lawn fertilization.

When your grass is fed what it needs consistently throughout the year, it grows thicker, naturally fends off weeds and disease, and better holds up to harsh weather.

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Weed Control

When weeds gain a foothold in your yard, they can be a pain to remove. They also compromise the health of your landscape over time as they hoard resources and outgrow your grass. Our proactive approach to any invasive species keeps your turf healthy, uniform, and appealing year-round. 

Our technicians offer weed control in South Florida that includes: 

  • Pre- and post-emergent weed spraying.
  • Hand pulling (when needed).
  • Recurring and seasonal weed control.
  • Garden weed control.

Our solutions can be combined into a lawn care package, or as a standalone service, depending on your need. Connect with us to learn more about how professional weed control can benefit your yard.

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Why We Focus on Plant Health

For most people, a pretty yard is really what counts. But we’ve learned over our 30 years in lawn care that healthy yards are often the most attractive ones. That’s why—as our name suggests—our absolute goal is to augment the health of your grass because we know the rest will follow.

Benefits of healthy grass include:

  • Maximum curb appeal.
  • That desirable dark green hue.
  • Heightened resilience to harsh weather.
  • Better ability to outcompete weeds.
  • Thick and uniform turf growth.
  • Better water absorption. 

As with many things, beginning with a strong foundation yields far more benefits than if you only focus on those specifics. Our focus on plant health means that you get an attractive yard that can stand up to anything!

Contract-Free Service!

We’ve seen how contracts hurt the quality of service for lawn care customers—you can feel trapped. We have no binding contracts because we know you can do without the added stress of being locked into a service. Along with this, we have 24-hour phone lines, so don’t think you have to call at a certain time to schedule an appointment, just call when it is convenient for you!

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Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!


Areas We Service in the Fort Lauderdale Area

Since the beginning, quality has been the name of the game for us. We don’t just make plants and lawns look pretty—we foster fortitude in them. We serve the greater Fort Lauderdale area by building resilient and beautiful landscapes.

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5 Star Review

Greg and his team did an amazing job getting our problem under control. Professional, honest, and thorough. Highly recommend their services!

Nick Luciano
5 Star Review

I had lawn issues for years, with weeds being very difficult to control. Greg is the only person who was able to explain the issues to me succinctly and clearly, and to offer the right solution. My lawn now looks better than it ever has. He's easy to work with and not trying to offer unnecessary services, and is always knowledgeable about new methods to keep things looking great. He's my go-to for any issues relating to pest or weed control.

Garden Industries

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