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Delray Beach Lawn Care with No Contracts

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don't love the results of our services, we provide free re-treatments or a money-back guarantee.

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No Binding Contracts

Not only do we provide premier lawn care services, but we also don't require you to be locked into a contract.

Lawn Care in Delray Beach

A lot of individuals think it is essential to have a vibrant lawn in Florida. The problem with this, unfortunately, is that it takes a lot of time out of your day to conquer that. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting professional lawn care, Landscape Health Solutions is equipped to furnish you with a healthy, resilient, and beautiful yard.

When you partner with us for lawn care in Delray Beach, you can count on:

  • Service obsessed with quality, from how we nurture your turf to how we interact with you.
  • An initial lawn inspection that clues us into your grass’s unique needs.
  • Us seeking your input so we’re equipped to make your vision a reality.
  • Fertilizing to ensure your grass has what it needs to flourish.
  • Preemptive weed control that nips annual weeds in the bud.
  • Estimates on all of our services so you always know costs ahead of time.
  • Monthly service visits, improving the quality of your landscape at every step.
  • A lovely, robust yard that can handle anything.

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Lawn Care As It Should Be

Nearly 30 years of lawn care has taught us that an outcome is only as good as its foundation. Grass that looks good, but lacks basic health won’t last for long. On the other hand, healthy grass not only looks good, but also holds nutrients better, is more resilient to harsh weather, and will last longer. That’s our approach: Healthy from the ground up! While many lawn care companies focus simply on how pretty grass looks, our top priority is the underlying health of your turf. That’s because healthy grass looks pretty, but it’s so much more!

Our lawn care in Delray Beach believes the core fundamentals of healthy grass should:

  • Stand up to rough weather better.
  • Absorb more water.
  • Reduce water runoff in heavy rains.
  • Naturally fights off weeds, disease, and pests.

For us, there’s no choice between integrated plant health and a quick fix. We’ll always opt for the path with real, lasting results!

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We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Here at Landscape Health Solutions, we aim squarely for quality. When you hire us to give you a strong and beautiful lawn, you can bet we’ll deliver. That’s why we’re comfortable backing all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not satisfied, we’ll re-treat your yard at no extra cost or give back your money.

Palm Tree Care in Delray Beach

No other tree adorns a Delray Beach home quite like a palm tree. They give that laid-back tropical feel, and up the curb appeal of any property. But these trees have very specific nutrient and soil requirements, which can take quite a bit of time and expertise to determine. We specialize in palm tree care so you can enjoy the ambiance these trees provide without the day's worth of research and work to keep them healthy.

When you partner with us of palm tree care in Delray Beach, you can expect:

  • Palm tree fertilization that supplies the big nutrients needed to grow, as well as trace nutrients that safeguard the trees’ health.
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment that catches maladies early, and gets to work solving them fast.
  • Palm tree pest control that protects from damage species like whitefly and palm aphids can inflict.
  • Nutrient deficiency correction that pinpoints what’s missing from your palm tree’s diet, and then supplies that.
  • Regular visits so we can track the progress your trees are making.
  • A plant-health focus for the best results.

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Insect and Disease Control in Delray Beach

Pests and diseases can put your lawn in a dormant stage for months if left untreated. We employ tried-and-true products and techniques to heal your lawn from maladies and protect it from future ailments. 

Our insect and disease control in Delray Beach includes:

  • Professional diagnosis and treatment.
  • Preemptive and preventative disease applications.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Thorough solutions rather than quick fixes.

As our name suggests, we aim for total plant health because it solves most other problems. In the same way, a healthy lawn is the best pest and disease control you can get. When working with you on insect and disease control in Delray Beach, we will not just make the problem go away, but root out the problem by building the health of your grass.

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We’re Always in Reach

Our 24-hour phone lines assure that a Landscape Health Solutions team member is never more than a phone call away from you. Is it after 5 p.m.? No problem! Give us a call! Did you wake up at 3 a.m. remembering you wanted to schedule a service? That works as well. 

Quality Care Without Contracts

Binding contracts limit flexibility and cause stress for homeowners. We wouldn’t want to be locked into a contract, so we don’t lock you into one! Landscape Health Solutions operates with no binding contracts because the quality of our work retains customers, not legal paper.

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Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!


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5 Star Review

Greg and his team did an amazing job getting our problem under control. Professional, honest, and thorough. Highly recommend their services!

Nick Luciano
5 Star Review

I had lawn issues for years, with weeds being very difficult to control. Greg is the only person who was able to explain the issues to me succinctly and clearly, and to offer the right solution. My lawn now looks better than it ever has. He's easy to work with and not trying to offer unnecessary services, and is always knowledgeable about new methods to keep things looking great. He's my go-to for any issues relating to pest or weed control.

Garden Industries

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