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If you don't love the results of our services, we provide free re-treatments or a money-back guarantee.

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Not only do we provide premier lawn care services, but we also don't require you to be locked into a contract.

Lawn Care in Boca Raton

Keeping grass healthy, strong, and beautiful requires a lot more than just watering and mowing a few times a week. Whether you’re tight on time, or simply not interested in performing lawn care yourself, the team at Landscape Health Solutions has your back. 

Our lawn care services in Boca Raton include:

  • Initial consultation to get to know your yard and the vision you have for it.
  • A completely custom lawn care plan based on your feedback and your grass’s condition.
  • Estimates on all our services so you always know what to expect.
  • Health-focused lawn care for turf that can stand up to far more.
  • Monthly service visits to ensure your landscape is thriving.
  • 24-hour phone lines so you can always reach us.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, we’re not finished!

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30+ Years of Quality Lawn Care

Though many lawn care companies prioritize aesthetics, we know this approach leads to short-lived results. We focus on the overall health of your turf, which yields beauty that lasts. Put your trust in a company that has been specializing in lawn care in Boca Raton for services such as weed control, palm tree care, and perimeter pest control for over 30 years. 

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Quality That’s Guaranteed to Satisfy

Since the beginning of Landscape Health Solutions, one of our main priorities has been the focus on quality. We back all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results. But if you ever aren’t, we’ll make it right by returning to re-service your yard free of charge, or by giving your money back.

Great Service, No Contracts

Contracts can be a hassle that you don’t want to deal with. We have no binding contracts because we rely on the quality of our work for return customers, not contracts. So enjoy great service and the freedom and flexibility you value!

Palm Tree Care in Boca Raton

Few trees are as iconic as healthy palm trees on your property. While it’s easy to love the look of these ornamentals, it’s difficult to take good care of them. We specialize in palm tree care so that your trees flourish, naturally fight off disease, and provide your property with that classic tropical look.

Our palm tree care in Boca Raton includes:

  • Palm tree fertilization.
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Pest control.
  • Nutrient deficiency correction.

Florida boasts around 42 species of palm trees, 12 of them being native and the other 30 imported. Because of Florida’s sandy soil, these trees will often lack key nutrients unless aided by expert fertilization. We set your trees up for success with our palm tree fertilization, pH balancing, and regular maintenance. This sort of TLC equips your trees with strong immune systems that fight off disease and pests on their own.

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Insect and Disease Control in Boca Raton

A whole host of diseases and insects can mar the health and overall appeal of your yard. Informed by nearly 3 decades of experience and ongoing training, each of our Landscape Health Solutions lawn technicians can quickly and accurately identify ailments plaguing your grass and get to work curing your turf.

Our insect and disease control in Boca Raton offers:

  • Rapid diagnosis that gives you an answer to what’s been stifling your landscape.
  • Pinpointed treatment that solves the problem without collateral damage.
  • A holistic approach that focuses on the underlying health of your grass.
  • Guaranteed results so you’re never in doubt as to whether we’ll solve your problem.
  • Preventative disease control that keeps common diseases from even showing up.

From brown patch to slime molds, and fire ants to grasshoppers, we know just how to restore your lawn’s health. In the end, a healthy lawn does most of the work of fighting off disease and pests, so that’s always our aim.

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Results That Pay Off

Nature goes its own speed, which is usually slower than we humans prefer. We’re not in the business of quick fixes, but in the business of lasting results. Our lawn care in Boca Raton will work with the natural world to produce plants that boast robust health from the ground up. Through this careful work takes more time, the results last longer, and can endure harsher conditions. Why pay for beauty in the short term when you can admire it in the long term? 

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Our Guarantee

Should pests persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!


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5 Star Review

Greg and his team did an amazing job getting our problem under control. Professional, honest, and thorough. Highly recommend their services!

Nick Luciano
5 Star Review

I had lawn issues for years, with weeds being very difficult to control. Greg is the only person who was able to explain the issues to me succinctly and clearly, and to offer the right solution. My lawn now looks better than it ever has. He's easy to work with and not trying to offer unnecessary services, and is always knowledgeable about new methods to keep things looking great. He's my go-to for any issues relating to pest or weed control.

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