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About Our Company

President of Landscape Health Solutions and The Flower Guys Landscaping, Greg Slatner has been a lifelong landscaper in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He started Landscaping in 1993 right out of high school and in 1998, The Flower Guys Landscaping was introduced. Ever since Greg started his first business, he has been obsessed with the quality of work and over the years, The Flower Guys slowly became Fort Lauderdale’s #1 choice for high-end, high detail landscape services.

Through their evolution as a landscape company, the need for a different type of pest control and fertilization service was constantly increasing. The better their work got, the higher the demand for lawn care and landscaping services. Our clients expected results and did not want to hear excuses on why things were not looking up to par. After working with a spray company for many years and not getting exactly the results the company knew was possible, along came Landscape Health Solutions to once and for all solve the chronic issues. With over 25 years as a landscaper, Greg has seen virtually all things that can go wrong with landscaping and knows how to execute a plan to get to a solution that the customer will be satisfied with. 

The healthcare programs now offered at Landscape Health Solutions are what is to be believed as the best, most comprehensive fertilization and pest services available in South Florida. Our technicians do not believe in just spraying chemicals on a lawn and hoping for the best. Everything we do is proactive and designed to produce amazing results. If you have ever been disappointed by other services, like Greg once was, give this company a try. With 100% confidence, no matter how good or bad your lawn and landscape currently look, there is a sure solution when choosing Landscape Health Solutions!

We are sure to make a positive impact on your property and keep things looking their best. Give us a call at 954-749-0609 to schedule an appointment today.

5 Star Review

I had lawn issues for years, with weeds being very difficult to control. Greg is the only person who was able to explain the issues to me succinctly and clearly, and to offer the right solution. My lawn now looks better than it ever has. He's easy to work with and not trying to offer unnecessary services, and is always knowledgeable about new methods to keep things looking great. He's my go-to for any issues relating to pest or weed control.

Garden Industries
5 Star Review

Greg and his team did an amazing job getting our problem under control. Professional, honest, and thorough. Highly recommend their services!

Nick Luciano