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30+ Years of Premium Lawn Care

Our technicians provide lawn care services to individuals throughout the Fort Lauderdale area with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Learn the difference we can make to your landscape today!

Lawn Care in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re seeking prestigious service—whether it be for your lawn, palm trees, or to keep pests out—look no further than Landscape Health Solutions. For the better part of 30 years, we’ve nurtured healthy lawns and trees for our fellow Floridians. Everyone deserves to add their own preference to their yard, so inform us of what you like and we'll handle the rest.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don't love the results of our services, we provide free re-treatments or a money-back guarantee.

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No Binding Contracts

Not only do we provide premier lawn care services, but we also don't require you to be locked into a contract.

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Opportunities for Saving!

Even though we're a high end lawn care company, no one dislikes saving money while getting key services for their property. Enjoy the savings as well as the results!

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No Binding Contracts

With lawn care being as quality as ours, you don’t need binding contracts to keep customers! See the difference for yourself—without the worry over contracts.

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5 Star Review

Greg and his team did an amazing job getting our problem under control. Professional, honest, and thorough. Highly recommend their services!

Nick Luciano
5 Star Review

I had lawn issues for years, with weeds being very difficult to control. Greg is the only person who was able to explain the issues to me succinctly and clearly, and to offer the right solution. My lawn now looks better than it ever has. He's easy to work with and not trying to offer unnecessary services, and is always knowledgeable about new methods to keep things looking great. He's my go-to for any issues relating to pest or weed control.

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Areas We Service in the Fort Lauderdale Area

Since the beginning, quality has been the name of the game for us. We don’t just make plants and lawns look pretty—we foster fortitude in them. We serve the greater Fort Lauderdale area by building resilient and beautiful landscapes.

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